Alf Wheelock Was the son of Sam and Carrie Wheelock. Alf worked for his mother and father in the storefront/speakeasy from a young age. He was first arrested in and sent to Nashville school for boys. During the arrest he was only 13 years he picked the lock of the jail cell in Johnson City and escaped! their shenanigan’s made the papers in multiple states.

Alf and his brothers Don and Bruce bootlegged and ran still sites for his parents speakeasy . Alf was busted with 40 gallons of shine on a bootlegging run and sentenced to the Atlanta Federal Prison for violating the National Prohibition Act in 1928. After being released , Alf was arrested several times for the same offense, one in Newport Tennessee with 1 million cigarettes’ and 40 gallons of shine ended up in doing a 5 year sentence at Brushy Mountain Prison in East Tennessee. He became the star pitcher for the Brushy Mountain Bears, owning the newspaper sport headlines while in prison. After he left Brushy, Alf played Baseball in the minor leagues and invented the tension system backstop for the Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Yankees. After his baseball career, Alf coached little league and Babe Ruth baseball In Johnson City, Tennessee. One notable player coached by this bootlegger was Gary Carter that went on to play baseball for the University of Tennessee and Basketball for the The San Diego Clippers. This mans life could be a Hollywood movie.

Southern Burn
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70 Proof

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