Carrie Wheelock ~ 1918-1938 Carrie owned many storefront’s in Johnson City, Tennessee in 6 locations. These stores also had adjacent restaurants and speakeasy’s in the back. During those dates, the stores were raided more than 20 times in different locations. As the legal store owner, Carrie was busted several times for possession and the sale of White Likker. Her Husband Sam was not an official in the storefronts as for running things… Sam, ran the speakeasy side of the store and other illegal activity’s. Because of this, Carrie was shielded from Prison time only doing county time, Sam, sons Alf, Don and Bruce would always take the blunt of the blow. It is said that Carrie had one hell of a lemonade spirit that would knock your socks off. In fact, Her Restaurant was called “Sunshine Restaurant” opposite of moonshine letting customers know that around back they were open for business during the day.

Sunshine Lemon
When the lemon drops, the hint of cold lemonade on ice during a hot summer day.

70 Proof

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