Tank Blevins ~ Lived in Bulldog Holler on Holston Mountain in Eastern Tennessee. The Blevins family were known for their moonshining and bootlegging shenanigan’s. Tank Blevins was only arrested and caught a couple times by the Carter county sheriff. They were a source like many families on that mountain for White Likker. The Wheelock family were from Turkey town on the south side of the Mountain. These two families were adjoined by marriage and business and the rest is history. One of the most talented musicians to come from the area, Tank was lured to the back of a roadhouse he was playing for a sip of shine from a jealous Johnson city cab driver and murdered. Over 200 local music and shine fans showed up at the trials in protest as the cab driver was not arrested. Tank is the great uncle of Steve Blevins. In the image to the right, Tank was busted at a steel site in Hurleys Branch.

100 Proof White Likker
This is the base of our flavored spirits. Smooth as the likker that came off Holtson Mountain in Eastern Tennessee.

100 Proof

  • Tank Blevins
  • 100 Proof White Likker